Do I need a supercar/exotic to enter the rally?

No you do not, we are open to any make/model/year of car, the more unique the more exciting. Cannonball is about the adventure of driving and exploration and we believe all participants and cars are created equal.

Is Cannonball a race?

NO, Cannonball is not a race. It is illegal to race or exceed the posted speed limit on public roads. Cannonball is a long distance road rally rooted in adventure and exploration, think of it as the ultimate vacation with your car.

How are you different?

The Cannonball collective is made up of ralliers and as such, we focus on what is the most important elements of rallying, THE ROUTE and the ADVENTURE. This includes the best back roads, unique locations, fantastic accommodations and unsurpassed service.

Do you ship my car to and from the rally?

We do not, you are responsible for the transport of your vehicle.  We do have an official Cannonball transportation broker who will contact you once you register, and assist you in booking any and all vehicle transportation needs. 

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